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17 October 2006

Ramadan continues......

....And so it continues....Muslim stories are dominating the press, its veils then more veils then ministers comments about veils....Then they are asking lecturers, professors and teachers to spy on suspicious students....What is going on?
its madness....Has the world gone mad??.....Jack straw et al are simply driving into the hands of the right winged minded people....Or is that the point???
I mean lets face it they are going to lose the Muslim vote due to the "war on terror (!!!?) in Afghanistan and Iraq and the unprecedented attack on Lebanon. So are they trying to appeal to the right wing would-be BNP voters. To make up the loss of the Muslim voters.
its not just Muslims who disapprove of the foreign policy adopted by the current government....Since I have returned to university I have been met by many people who are appalled at the stance this govt has taken....Lets not forget people out there are suffering and our governments are responsible.
by the way....A big up to the main man...prof (uncle) Younus who won the noble peace prize.....A friend of my fathers and some distant relative from chittagong...Land of the noble land of the great

love u all

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