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18 September 2006

family occasions........my thoughts on the pope

salam everyone,

like my english connection suggests, i do believe that sunday is the day of rest and family. so i went to my aunts house for lunch and caught up with my cousins....big hello to sabina, farhan, samina, tehmina, alavee, aqmar, tj and fatimah, who always succeed in entertaining me!!!
i wasnt feeling the best, my appetite has diminshed and im forced to have these protein shakes and hi energy hi calorie bars to ensure that my weight doesnt reduce, when you have cancer losing weight is not a good sign.

furthermore, i feel i have to comment about the popes scandal this week. first of all i think the comments made by the post were irresponsible and ill-jugded, it was insensitive due to the current world climate and i feelthe popes advisors need to pull their finger out and do there job. how can the catholic church quote something about Mohammed (PBUH) and violence, when they have the bloodiest history of all, the catholic church is simply a case of pot calling the kettle black.
but really i am incensed with the murder of the nun in mogadishu, i cannot justify this, neither the burning of churches in Gaza. please brothers and sisters in islam, lets demonstrate and air our views as we do best.... with beauty, calm and invitations to islam....faced with adversity we must show patience for Allah loves those who have sabur.

all the best

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Anonymous said...

Hi Najma

My little niece has been diagnosed with a tumour. She started her first chemo a few days ago and is starting to get grumpy despite our best efforts to keep her busy.

She's being really brave, and has been throughout. A lot stronger than us, but shes starting to lose weight and is refusing to drink the protein shakes and the caligen(?).

I was googling and your website came up.
Good luck with all you hope to achieve, and I intend to show her your website for inspiration.

welcome to my world

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