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08 September 2006

dinner with my friends from school!!!!

hello everyone,
i didnt do much today, i feel as if i am wasting time, but honestly i am limited by the constraints of my own body, it simply will not listen anymore. the more i want to do the more stubborn it becomes. yesterday i went to the registry of birkbeck, university of london. i dunno if going to university is going to be wise. as i felt so exhausted by the experience and all i did was sit around and listen to academics talk.

i was also a bit daunted by all those people. i think i might be paranoid i keep thinking im going to pick up an infection that will kill me, or im going to fall and cut myself and bleed out to death. this is no way to live a life. i am in fear. this morning i have to change and alter my attitude, i have to nourish my body and nourish my mind, i have to have faith in the al-mighty and i think i may do some prayers and meditation today. i will let you know if it has made a difference to me.
love u all especially andi, sabina, samina and pami aunty
thanks 4 comin

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