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06 September 2006

bad day for Tony Blair

hello everyone,

today i woke up feeling bad bcos 10years ago i voted in my first ever election, and i voted for tony blairs new labour. he was charismatic and young and priviledged and more importantly seemed to care for the socially excluded. we thought he was wonderful.
but 10 years later and the story is quite different, its not what he does at home that is painful, our economy is stronger our schools colleges and universities are performing better, interest rates are stable and the UK is a great place to live........it is his policies abroad Afghanistan, Iraq and most recently Lebannon. His submission to Bush makes us not look like a poor relative but a pitiful hired hand.

His days are numbered, there are lessons to be learnt and i feel that the only way forward is to return to the days when tony arrived and this was "cool britannia"

i am feeling very sick today because i had chemo yesterday. an ultrasound shows there is some liver damage, it could get worse.....but stopping the chemo is non-negotiable im told. two of my best friends amana and ayesha have gone to pakistan this week and im feelin a bit low because i cant join them.....but the good thing is the goodies i'll get when they return.
also my brother and bhabi have gone to spain for a break.....this weekend will be quite without them. anyway ive gone on abit.....
catch u all soon inshallah


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