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12 September 2006


hi everyone,
is anyone else bored of the overdose of 9/11, i know it was a tragic loss of life, but has anything changed cince that fateful day in 2001? ? ?

is the world a safer place....i think not.....with bombings in madrid, bali, london, dhaka, sharm el sheikh, istanbul, kusadasai, izmir, marmaris, bodrum.....you have to wonder is the global threat to terror related to the occupation of predominantly muslim lands?

i simply do not see an improvement to these global threats until the palestinian attrocity and occupation is dealt with......is an american life more sacred then another human life??
i spent most of yesterday in deep thought.....i wanted to go to the US embassy to attend the service but honestly the pain in my legs and hips are just getting worse.... i was there in spirit, but i want to know how the world has become a better place since 9/11........all the people i have been in contact with think it hasnt and feel foreign policy of uk and usa is directly responsible.....lets remember that more civilians have died in iraq alone since foreign occupation, then in the combined civilian death in new york, london and madrid bombings.

all my love
Najma Gani

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