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Im an educator, campaigner, writer and survivor of Leukaemia, i will stand up for justice and freedom.....I may not agree with your opinion but oh my god will i defend your right to have it....i also love make up,food and entertainment......

25 October 2006


please read this poem and remember next time you see a veiled or hijaabed woman she could be like me. simply trying to move on with her life after adversity and tragedy. not wanting to see the knowing glances of others as she continues the constant battle with her disease..but trying to blend in so that all you see is a muslim woman....but who she is and what she is concealing, is so much more, and probably not what you think...

I am a Muslim woman
Feel free to ask me why
When I walk
I walk with dignity
When I speak
I do not lie

I am a Muslim woman
Not all of me you`ll see
But what you should appreciate
Is that the choice I make is free

I`m not plagued with depression
I`m neither cheated nor abused
I don`t envy other women
And I`m certainly not confused

You often stare as I walk by
You don`t understand my veil
But peace and power I have found

As I am equal to any male!

I am a Muslim woman
So please don`t pity me
For God has guided me to truth
And now I`m finally free!

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