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03 September 2006

Najma's Update

Najma's Update

hi everyone,
it was wet and windy in london yesterday. i was feeling a bit down because lets face it when its grey and cloudy we just dont feel as good as we could.
i had some good news as many of my friends have decided to quit the single life and settle down. i think its good and i am really happy for them.....it says in the quaran in many chapters and verses, that "after adversity follows great reward," and i have seen these friends really experience difficult times over the past few years, so i guess there is hope for me yet.
in terms of my health i am having alot of trouble eating. i simply cant enjoy food like i used to. im paranoid that the food will cause me an infection and i will be hospitalised again, or i simply cant taste the food because my taste buds have altered a great deal as i am on maintenance chemotherapy and will be for 2 years!!!!!
i am experimenting and my staple diet consists of chicken soup and until i can digest something else i guess its the gastronomical and delicious chicken soup diet for me!!!!!!

take care

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