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22 November 2009

iraqi women to be executed in iraq

Asalamu alaikum , the shiite government of iraq announced the executions of 126 iraqi women intellectuals on eid next week , their crime , being sunni muslim and being educated . The apathy and indifference of sunni muslims has reached an all-time low . Go to http://arabwomanblues.blogspot.com/2009/11/ or women solidarity for an independent and unified iraq formore details , layla anwar is her name . Wa alaikum asalam, abdullah .
This is an urgent appeal regarding a piece of very serious information
> I have just received.
> A decision has been taken to execute on the Eid Al Kabeer (in 2 weeks
> time) -- the Muslim feast marking the end of the Hajj pilgrimage the
> same time that President Saddam Hussein was murdered -- 126 Iraqi
> women on charges of "terrorism." These Iraqi women all hold higher
> University degrees and have worked as high cadres in the previous
> regime. That is their only crime.
> Among the 126 women to be executed are: are the ex Head of Nuclear
> Energy Center (who was detained by the US occupying forces) and the ex
> minister of Work and Social Affairs.
> This information was published on an Iraqi website called Iraqihurr in
> Arabic and that same piece of information was published in English by
> Women Solidarity for an Independent and Unified Iraq.
> Please circulate this as widely as possible and check the addresses on
> the Women Solidarity website above -- to send your appeals to amnesty international and register your concern

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