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24 February 2007

quick update

i have been unwell hospitalised twice in the past month, I'm having a tough time, as soon as i am able to provide a full and complete update i will.

id like to thank my family, I'm so sorry for my constant demands on your attentions and resources. i love you so much.
amongst the things i am having to endure this month have been ....
  • lumbar punctures
  • MRI scans
  • CT scan
  • bone marrow aspirate
  • 14 invasive blood tests
  • chemo therapy
  • liver damage
  • headaches
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • backache
  • swelling and water retention
  • steroid treatment

so its not been easy. but inshallah i will be OK, with patience, support and love



Anonymous said...

Hi Najima we have never met but I am a distant relative I want to remain anonymous at this time i hope you understand. I've read your blogs and I am tuched by your strength. I can see you have a very strong and loving family. This I'm sure is a great support to you. I'd like to shear part of my life story with you and I hope it may inspier you in some way. Some yares ago i experienced a great tragerty in my life. felt that my life was over the pain I felt was so bad I felt it would be easier to end it, this was a very low part of my life, but with a lot of grit and determination I percived and turnd my life around and I hope that I am a better person for it. I now help people with the same kind of problems I onced had. One of the things Shear with other people is my thoughts on life which kind of go like this with out like darkness can not exisist and with out darkness light can not exsist as is the same with life you can not go through life with just good you must endure bad this is life. No matter how much bad you go through at any given time you must always remember that that baddness will end to replaced by good and the same can be said for good. So although you are are expirening bad in this part of your life it can only get better, me just comunicating with you like this is proof of that. Your strength and determination your thinking will not go unrewarded some times great tragety closes our eyes for a little while but when we do eventuly open our eyes (and we all do eventuly) we open our eyes wide and see thins other people don't cos by the same senterment peoples eyes don't close in the same ways ours do. Take care hope you stay strong chat soon.

Anonymous said...

Im your ex student, hafiza A.Amjad. i am always looking at your blog now and then to see how you are getting on. very sad to hear that you are still suffering.. but don't worry Allah is always with you, Inshallah. jus remember that the more hardships you have in this world, the more reward you will get in the hereafter. My famalies dua, love and support are with you
and we wish you a speeeeeedy recovery. Hope to hear from you soon and also remember us in your duas.

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