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06 November 2006

its a new dawn and a new day

my sister and her husband came home from the UAE, after a 2week+ tour of Al ain, shahjah, abu dhabi and Dubai. im glad she went so she could dispel the myth to herself that life somehow was better there then here. she came to the conclusion that those emirates were cosmetic,and that below the surface the society has a great many problems...something i figured out during my very long stay in the emirates in 1999, she also observed that bangladeshi, pakistani, and indians work very hard for very little money and respect, that the architecture was gross, distasteful and completely brash.they have developed quickly geographically but remain under-developed in so many areas, they r stil in their infancy, its just a playground for sin, thats not what the islamic world needs, we need places of learning, why shouldnt we develop intellectually?... furthermore she learned that the grass is not always greener, cos its fake in the emirates...

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